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Our thoughts on NoCode

Bubble Developer Roadmap

Gone are the days when only the techies could build a Startup. With the help of NoCode, you can bring your vision to life without needing a team of skilled developers. Here is a roadmap to guide you through the process

How to scope your Product idea in 5 steps

This is the 5-step scoping process we have used to scope out many products for founders and business owners...

How to efficiently describe your product to developers

At AZKY Tech Labs, we have been building a lot of products using NoCode/

How to make a mobile app that can work offline using Bubble?

This article deals with how to make a mobile app that can work offline using bubble and possibly combine it with a web app...

How to build an iFrame Embedded Widget in Bubble?

This is a tutorial on how to build an iFrame embedded widget in bubble...

Making a Design Bubble-able: Tips for Designers

Here's 7 things to keep in mind before designing your app in Figma/XD so you could build it in bubble.

What is is a no-code app development framework that lets you design, develop, host, and scale applications without writing any code...

What is No-Code?

No-code is a software development approach that requires no programming skills to quickly build an application...

How to white label a SAAS product built using

When people think SAAS and white labelling, there are levels that can be easily achieved in bubble and then there is hard/expensive mode...

What is the difference between web applications and websites? is an amazing platform. However, due to the nature of technology, platforms are generally skewed in a particular direction. A diverse platform will be great in one or more areas. But ok in some others.

How to build a marketplace

Building the product in bubble is easy but building a marketplace that works as a business is hard. This document provides a breakdown of the different phases a marketplace needs to go through.

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