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1. What is Bubble? is a no-code app development framework that lets you design, develop, host, and scale applications without writing any code. 

In simple words, Bubble is an online platform that allows users to develop applications without writing code. You build the application using a drag-and-drop interface in the browser, and then Bubble acts as the platform that serves your application.

Bubble is for both programmers and non-programmers. However, it is primarily appealing to non-technical users who want to build no-code web applications without knowing the industry's traditional tools.

Here are some stats about bubble:

  • 2012: Bubble founded
  • 1,445,000+: Registered users
  • +$100 m: in funding so far

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2. Understanding Bubble

To understand Bubble better, we can think of Bubble as three different personas.

These are the following:

a. Bubble is a Platform

If we look at Bubble through the first lens, we see that Bubble is a Platform. Bubble is a platform that allows users to build their custom web applications without any coding. The Bubble platform is different from other no-code platforms because it provides the following features:

  • Design tools
  • UI builder
  • Built-in database
  • APIs
  • Servers and domain hosting
  • Logs
  • Connection to other applications

b. Bubble is Dynamic

Now, if we look at Bubble through the second lens, we see that Bubble is dynamic. This means that, where most web builders stop with UI, Bubble allows for…

  • Dynamic UI and interactions
  • Dynamic data types and data modification

c. Bubble is a Language

Now, if we look at Bubble through the third and final lens, we see that Bubble is a language. Similar to the programming languages, Bubble has the following features that make it a language:

  • Dynamic expressions
  • Element interactions

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4. The Benefits of Using

The following are the main features of that make it different from all other no-code tools: 

a. Drag and drop design: 

Using the visual editor, apps can be designed quickly and previewed immediately.

b. Powerful workflow engine

The workflow editor lets you assign actions and workflows to the elements on your page.

c. Built-in encrypted database

Your app comes with a unique, fully-featured, and customizable database already set up.

d. Secure, scalable hosting

After designing your app, deploying it to a live audience is literally done in one click.

e. Integrate with anything

You can integrate your app with any API, such as Stripe for processing payments.

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5. What You Can Build With Bubble?

Due to its flexibility, you can build almost any type of web application with Bubble.

Thanks to Bubble’s new responsive engine, you can now build fully responsive web apps on Bubble.

Here are some of the most popular types of apps you can build in Bubbles:

a. Custom Marketplaces.

     Example: Apps like Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb. 

b. Social Network

     Example: Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

c. Booking App

     Example: Apps like Calendly.

d. Internal Management Tool

     Example: Apps like Slack.

e. Job Board Apps

     Example: Apps like Indeed and Glassdoor.

f. Listing Directories.

     Example: Apps like Zillow

g. Customer relationship management systems (CRMs). 

     Example: Apps like HubSpot CRM. 

h. Dashboards. 

      Example: Apps like Plecto        

Read more here: 

If you want to see live examples of apps that you can build with Bubble, check out Bubble’s showcase page.

6. What You Cannot Build With Bubble?

Bubble as a no-code tool also has some limitations which do not allow Bubble to build any type of app.

These include:

a. Native apps

Currently, Bubble doesn’t support building native apps that run on Android or iOS. But, Bubble says in its documentation that there’s a plan to add this feature to the core functionality in the future.

b. Games

Bubble is particularly designed for building web apps. You can probably only create a simple puzzle, but that's about it.

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7. How can I get started with Bubble for my project?

If you want to get started with your bubble project, you have a couple of options that you can go with.

a. Build it Yourself

The first option is to build the app yourself. Bubble opens up the possibility to create the software yourself, quickly and at a low cost, and test it with live users. 

But, before you start building the app, you will need to learn bubble. A good place to start to learn Bubble is the official Bubble academy, where you’ll find the official updated manual, a long list of video tutorials, and very useful interactive courses.

As an alternative, you can watch our Free Bubble Bootcamp on YouTube.

This is a time taking process but it will save you money.

b. Hire an Agency

The second option is to hire an agency to build the app for you. It is a great way to have an optimized and professionally built Bubble application.

You can contact us through our contact page to reach out to us about your project.

This option is an expensive one but your app will be professionally built by bubble developers with ample amount of experience.

8. Pricing Overview of Bubble

Bubble is one of the best and most affordable platforms in the web development segment. However, the price is entirely based on your requirements. The more services you choose, the more you will be charged.

Bubble gives four different types of plans:

  • Free
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Production

For annual payment:

For monthly payment:

For more information, you can visit:

9. Conclusion

We hope through this blog, you've learned all that you needed to learn about Bubble, which is a no-code development platform that allows non-developers and developers to develop apps without knowing how to code and set up their own servers.

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