There are two types of organizations in the world. Those who know Code and those who NoCode.

Interested in NoCode for your Organization?

We conduct NoCode / events, workshops, Bootcamps for groups, companies, schools, universities and governments programs.

If you would like us to conduct a session at your organization, please get in touch using the form below.

An Introduction to NoCode event is done free of cost for Academia and Organizations with a non-profit focus area.

Example seminar outline:

Introduction to NoCode Seminar

Event Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Zoom or in-person

Style: Presentation by Speaker followed by 15 minute Q&A


  • Introduction to NoCode
  • Overview of Platforms (e.g. Webflow, Adalo, GlideApps)
  • Introduction to
  • Types of applications that can be built without code
  • Questions and Answers

Not sure what NoCode is? Check out this 10 minute extract from a Seminar
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What is NoCode?

NoCode is a new way of making web apps using drag drop environment.

Using NoCode, a person is not required to understand or learn complex coding languages.

The learning curve is much smaller and as a result ANYONE can learn it much quickly.

How can I benefit from NoCode?

For people graduating/looking for a career change, the number of opportunities for a job and freelancing using NoCode and are increasing day by day

For founders, you can easily create your MVP yourself without needing to raise capital or hiring a team of software engineers.

For companies, your staff can create simple tools to automate business processes and improve efficiency

Is it really that easy to learn?


A full stack web developer coding bootcamp can easily span 3 months of full time intensive study.

A NoCode bootcamp is usually done part time over 8 weeks.

We have taught non engineers ranging from Accountants to English graduates and in a few weeks they have started making their own apps using

We know nocode like the back of our hand.

Testimonials from working on projects with clients around the world!

"...did a fantastic job of building an MVP for us. We originally were working on spreadsheets. We needed an MVP to demo it to customers. They did it in an amazingly short time..."

Marc Muneir

Ditch Carbon

“He understood what I was hoping the app would do... He was making suggestions that were super meaningful which we used. I've already recommended him...”

Ty Brown

Ty the Dog Guy

" went above and beyond to be solutions oriented when partnering with us on what was essentially our first attempt at no code development..."

Jenny Cox

The Combination Rule


Projects delivered to happy clients around the world


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