Concept to Product in weeks using NoCode!

The Official Agency in UK

Team led by a Software Engineer turned NoCoder + Bootcamp Instructor + Coach

Marketplaces, MVP, SAAS, Business Process Systems, Booking systems

We have done it all!


A marketplace like Upwork is something easily build-able using and we have built several of them.

Booking System (Scheduling App)

Have a custom scheduling use-case? We have built several of these using


Have an idea and would like a quick MVP to test it out? We don't just build MVPs. We engineer them robustly to last in production


Our projects start with something as simple as a concept all the way to a complicated spreadsheet and dashboard with many integrations.

What AZKY Tech Labs offers?

  • High Performance custom Web Apps
  • A quick MVP Launch
  • Low Cost

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In case you are wondering...

Meet the founder

Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel

"Hi, I am a Software Engineer turned NoCoder based in Birmingham, UK

Before founding AZKY Tech Labs, I have worked for nearly a decade in the UK. One role was at a large enterprise and another with a startup going through series A/B.

Since early 2020, we have snowballed and delivered many projects in bubble alongside becoming an official Coach and an official Bootcamp Instructor.

I currently lead a team of 7 full-time consultants building web apps for clients around the world."

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