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We use NoCode to deliver results faster with better ROI


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We use NoCode to deliver results faster with higher ROI

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10x Cost and time saving

Whether it's to attract investors or get ahead of the competition, you don't need a dedicated team of developers. Compared to traditional code, NoCode accelerates development at a fraction of the cost.

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Low maintenance

NoCode platforms do a lot of the heavy lifting which results in much much lower maintenance for your product.

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Tweak it yourself

It is very easy to pick up the basics of NoCode so that you can takeover the project (at least the simple tweaks). No need for a developer to fix the headline!

Some love by our clients!

Donal Quinn
Donal Quinn
Founder @ Enso Initiatives (previously Marketing Manager)
Active client since Jan, 2022

There was constant communication... It was really seamless and stress free. The end product was fantastic so I would definitely recommend them...

Marc Muneir
Marc Muneir
Founder @ Ditch Carbon
Active client since Jul, 2021

...did a fantastic job of building an MVP for us. We originally were working on spreadsheets. We needed an MVP to demo it to customers. They did it in an amazingly short time...

Matt Laybourn
Matt Laybourn
Founder @ (previously Marketing Consultant)
Active client since Jul, 2021

...They've done an incredible job for us in terms of doing lots of dashboarding, reporting and analytics. Also combining that with some traditional dev stuff... Cannot recommend Zubair and AZKY any more than possible. They are a really good trust worthy agency to work with.

James Cooper
James Cooper
Director @ GetStaffed Recruitment
Active client since Dec, 2021

The reason we went with Zubair is we're sort of really impressed with how quickly he grasped what we're trying to do. He's always really helpful in terms of coming up with practical solutions of how we can solve that problem and puts himself through the user experience and brings in knowledge of other projects and things he's worked on.

Lauri Lahi
Lauri Lahi
Founder @ Emerhub
Active client since Nov, 2021

We have been working with AZKY on multiple products, they are our go-to agency for building no-code tools and apps.

AZKY doesn't just try to build whatever you ask them to. They take time to understand your business objectives and propose changes based on what we might actually need. This way, they quickly became an integral part of our business.

Bubble is a no-code tool, as a semi-technical founder, I could build most of the stuff myself. However, as a business owner, I decided that I'm better off doing other things and leaving the development work to professionals like AZKY.

We've hired many product managers and software developers. Usually, they struggle with understanding the business or the technical side of the project. AZKY handles both well.

David G. Monhait
David G. Monhait
Co-founder & President at DIVERTbrands

Zubair and his team are incredible. I have never worked with a developer who  took the time to understand our business goals and related product needs like Zubair. Beyond being a skilled developer and manager, he's extremely professional, responsive and just a pleasure to work with. You should feel extremely confident in working with Zubair and AZKY.

We bid our project to over 20 vendors. We chose AZKY and Zubair over all the others because he was able to present a creative development strategy that not only within our budget and timeline, but also took into consideration our current and future state business needs provide us with value long after his contract was done.

Zubair and his team took the time to deeply understand our business goals and were able to translate that into a solid MVP product and user experience. More importantly, he was very transparent throughout the entire development process by showing us work-in-progress product and being candid about what was going well and more importantly, what wasn't. When there was an obstacle, he provided numerous solutions. For tasks that we needed to complete and product stakeholders, he provided clear guides and videos which significantly cut down on meeting time and enabled us to work faster.

Mick O'Dwyer
Mick O'Dwyer
Founder and CEO at SwiftComply

We worked with AZKY tech on a prototype for a water safety app for hospitals to track tasks and sample results, replacing their in-house spreadsheets.

AZKY did a great job, communicated well through the project and delivered on time and within budget. 10/10 would work with them again

Recognized as experts in nocode and AI
Zubair Kakakhel

Meet the founder

Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel

"Hi, I am a Software Engineer turned NoCode developer based in UK and UAE.

I worked in the software industry for about a decade. One role was at a FTSE 100 enterprise and another at a Startup going through series A/B funding.

I discovered NoCode in early 2020 and I just fell in love with its amazing capabilities. That is when I started AZKY. Together with my team, we have collaborated and partnered with over 100 founders to deliver market ready software products."

Marketplaces, MVP, SAAS, Business Process Systems, Client portals..

You name it. We have done it all!


Have an idea and would like a quick MVP to test it out and attract investors? We don't just build MVPs. We engineer them with the end user in mind to last in production

Business Tooling/Automations

If you are stuck with legacy systems and off-the-shelf solutions that are too slow and clunky, we can help build a customized solution tailored to your process

Ai logo

AI-powered tools

Integrate AI with your niche to create a magical product. We have worked on many interesting use-cases with OpenAI and stable-diffusion models to name a few.


It could be a simple concept prototype, a complicated spreadsheet or a dashboard with many third party integrations.

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"..For me the experience has been really flawless. They can really adapt to a lean approach. These guys are super responsive, super professional, super lean, super fast, smart..."

Alain Briez

Reddot, Snackster

" went above and beyond to be solutions oriented when partnering with us on what was essentially our first attempt at no code development..."

Jenny Cox

The Combination Rule

"...did a fantastic job of building an MVP for us. We originally were working on spreadsheets. We needed an MVP to demo it to customers. They did it in an amazingly short time..."

Marc Muneir

Ditch Carbon


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