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Marketplaces, MVP, SAAS, Business Process Systems, Booking systems

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About me

I'm based in Birmingham, UK and can let you have Zubair for your project if you need him.

He is a Software Engineer turned NoCoder + official bubble.io coach  + official bubble.io bootcamp instructor. He has worked as a software engineer for 6-7 years in the UK for a large enterprise and a startup during series A/B before founding AZKY Tech Labs.

He currently leads a team of 6 full time bubble.io consultants based in Pakistan.

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What we do

We started out as NoCoders/Low-Coders but now specialise exclusively using bubble.io.

After working on more than 30 bubble.io projects, we have refined, developed a systematic and tailored approach.

If you want a video recording of our process overview, send me an email at zubair@azkytech.com and I'll be happy to share it.

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What we have done

We have worked on 30+ projects in bubble.io.

MVPs, Marketplaces, SAAS, Unique Booking Systems, Unique Project Management processes, Mobile Apps etc.

I'm afraid many are only showable on a Zoom call. Please book a consultation call and I'll share a project that aligns closest with what your project.

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What is no code
Feb 21, 2019

No code tools are graphical drag and drop style platforms allowing non technical people alike to get started with building cloud based applications. With the help of these tools, people with no background in computer science can go quite far.

Why should I not get a fully customized coded application
Feb 21, 2019

As tempting as it may sound to have control of each pixel, the time it takes for a custom application may just not be viable both in terms of time and money.