There are two types of people in the world. Those who Code and those who NoCode.

Join the NoCode revolution

When C came along, all the assembly coders must have been quite annoyed at it.

However, those with the foresight move forward with times.

NoCode is like that to all the traditional frameworks like React/Flutter/Angular etc.

We want the people with foresight to join us in our mission is to build the next generation of digital products using NoCode.

Our Values


We are early adopters and at the bleeding edge of technology using NoCode.

Trust & Transparency:

As a remote team, trust and transparency is crucial.


We make commitments to our clients. Our clients expect us to deliver results.

Our Benefits

International Clients

We have worked with founders from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and across Europe

Complex Projects

We build MVPs, SAAS, Booking Systems, Project Management systems and much more.

Skill growth

With NoCode, one day you will be looking at databases, another day looking at UI designs and UX.

Health Insurance

We provide great takaful medical insurance to all our staff


We are 100% remote. Your commute is just a little walk!

Family friendly

We have lots of baby NoCoders in our family!

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

John Doe

Designer at Salt

Open Positions

We are always interested in people passionate and looking to grow in the following areas
• Bubble development
• Full stack/backend development
• Product management

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