How to make a mobile app that can work offline using Bubble?

I have been asked this interesting question several times about how to make a mobile app that can work offline using bubble and possibly combine it with a web app and a mobile app on the app stores and such.

So, the short answer is that wrapped mobile apps do not function offline. As a result, you must devise another solution or scenario. So I thought I'd come up with a few suggestions.

The scenario is as follows: 

  • There is to be a Bubble Web App.
  • There is to be a Mobile App.
  • The Mobile App must work offline too.

Suggestion No.01

There are three parts to your app: ID authentication, back-end, and front-end. For the current scenario, you'd need two front-ends. You want both a web app front-end and a mobile app front-end. Bubble can be used as a backend as well as for ID authentication. Some back-end workflows can be configured to return the token and use login sign-up there. Bubble can also be used for the front-end for the web app. This is the power of bubble: you can do everything in one go. 

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Now, for the front-end of the mobile app, you can have a coded mobile app that can support offline storage, caching, and synchronization when Internet connectivity is restored. So it will function, it will save the data in the cache, and it will have a synchronizer that will synchronize all the data into the back end once Internet connectivity is established. You could also use a no-code offline app maker. There are some no-code platforms that support offline. These are not no-code offline makers. Okay, so this is one option.

Suggestion No.02

You can use XANO for the back-end and auth zero for authentication. So decouple the whole architecture, separate back-end, separate authentication, ID, authentication, bubble for front-end, code and mobile, all the same platform. This decouples and de-risks the whole architecture. It can be useful tomorrow. You want some other third thing, use the same backend, same author and you have some third thing, so useful for more complex scenarios.

Suggestion No.03

You can use XANO for the back-end and ID verification. Whereas, for the front-end, use Bubble for the Web app and use some coded mobile maker or some no-code platform that supports offline for the mobile app.

Suggestion No.04

You can use some no-code platforms that support offline use; it is entirely dependent on whether your scenario use case can be mapped. So I did a quick google search without getting into too much detail. So Google's no code app maker app Sheet supports offline behavior and syncs what happens, what's visible, what's not visible, etc. 

Where is my data cached? It's cached in like local kind of mobile app. So it does cache spreadsheet data on the mobile client to allow continued usage despite the transient loss of network connectivity. That's what we're basically trying to come up with. 


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So you could use App Sheet if your scenario maps to App Sheet, fantastic. If it doesn't, let's see, you could combine it with some no-code platform. So the app sheet came up with one. I'm not sure AWS has like honey something AWS HoneyCo. For some reason, my memory suggests that it is also supported offline. I couldn't find out with a quick Google.

Suggestion No.05

Suggestion number five is going for full code. As I'm a big fan of no-code and Bubble, I'll recommend all four options listed above. But, going completely coded for the back-end, id authentication, and front-end is an option that you can opt for.

So, these are the five scenarios suggestions I came up with.

If you can come up with some if you know if there are other pathways or other platforms that support this more, please do let me know in the comments below.

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