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Donal Quinn
Enso Initiatives
Donal Quinn
Active client since Jan, 2022

Enso Initiatives is a B2B SaaS that helps businesses develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Donal, founder ENSO, was a marketing manager for a real estate developer in Ireland. Part of his job was also working on the corporate social responsibility.

He found this quite mind boggling and frustrating that companies just go on a whim and don't have any strategy around this. He decided to take the reins in his own hands and develop a tool that empowers business to curate a sustainability strategy and also track their progress.

As a founder coming from a purely non-technical background, Donal was looking for an agency who could not just build his idea for him, but who took the time to understand the product itself.

This is why Donal chose to work with AZKY. We helped him remain laser focused on the core problem he was looking to solve.

Within 8 weeks from kick-off, Donal had his SaaS ready to launch to food & beverage producers in Ireland.

Donal was able to leave his day job to do what he's truly passionate about. He now has 100+ B2B customers using his platform.

Happy customer ✅


There was constant communication... It was really seamless and stress free. The end product was fantastic so I would definitely recommend them...

Matt Laybourn
Matt Laybourn
Active client since Jul, 2021

Rockee is a B2B content feedback collection platform, like Trustpilot for content marketing.

Matt, founder Rockee was working as a marketing professional when he spotted this gap in the market.

He wanted to build and launch his B2B SaaS but found the technical aspects a bit challenging.

He reached out to us and we were happy to help.

Within 8 weeks, Matt had his content feedback collection system ready to launch to B2B clients for the blogs on their websites.

He has now left full-time employment and is focusing primarily on Rockee with a growing pipeline of large brands wanting to work with it and growing MRR.

Exciting times for Rockee!

Happy customer ✅


...They've done an incredible job for us in terms of doing lots of dashboarding, reporting and analytics. Also combining that with some traditional dev stuff... Cannot recommend Zubair and AZKY any more than possible. They are a really good trust worthy agency to work with.

Michele W.
Michele W.

MySagely is marketplace that connects SMEs with strategic business advisors.

Michele, founder MySagely, left her corporate job and started consulting small businesses. She was amazed to see the immediate fruitful impact of her work. That is when she decided to make this type of consulting more scalable by building a tool that connects small businesses with strategic advice from experts.

Coming from a non-technical background, she was looking to work with an agency who truly understood the product, had previously built similar tools, and who could offer valuable expertise on how to best build it iteratively to maximize the budget.

We were happy to help build this marketplace for her.

Within 6 weeks, Michelle had her marketplace ready to launch to SMEs in the US.

She achieved her dream of switching from a service to product based business to make a bigger impact. She now has a team of mentors who have signed up on MySagely that are helping business owners through the platform. She is considering various fundraising options to fuel the growth of her Startup.

Happy customer ✅


Zubair was instantly able to understand what we were trying to build and empathize with our users. I wish we spent a little more time on the design phase and approving/redoing mockups, but he worked with us throughout the project to address changes. I trusted and still trust Zubair’s opinions when it comes to what to build out, what we should leave to a later stage, etc. In the absence of a Product person on our team, Zubair filled that role really well at the MVP dev stage. I would highly recommend working with Zubair and the entire AZKY team.

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