How to Set up Login with Google for bubble.io apps

Setting up an app to login with Google is a bit involved.

It requires setting up a Google Cloud project and billing (you may have done this already at some point for another app)

And it also requires a url from us and a lot of steps on your side to register the app with Google.

Video tutorials go out of date quickly. Here is one in German from Oct 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww-jfcKXQNA

Sign in to google with the account that you will be using to set up these credentials

e.g. I can use my business address zubair@azkytech.com or my personal zubair.lutfullah@gmail.com

Go to https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web

Dismiss the profile

Click get started

Useful reading

Click credentials

If you have not set up Google Cloud platform before, you'll see

Click select a project

Name the project and click create.

(optional. can select a Gsuite organization if you use Gsuite. e.g. AZKY Tech)

You should see something like this


SEE https://www.notion.so/Invite-to-Google-Developer-Project-d1348ca541a14aaeb9e917eb9ca3855d

Steps for AZKY

Create credentials like so

You should see

Click here

You should see

Select 'Internal' if Login is restricted to people only inside your org. e.g. I make an app that only xyz@azkytech.com employees can sign into.

For general login with google use, use 'External'

You should see something like this.

Fill out the information. App name/ support email/ app logo etc.

For app domain, see below

You should have 3 links from my email giving you the application home page, privary link/ service link.

We'll use https://patternz.bubbleapps.io/ for this tutorial

Click save and continue

You should see this.

Click add/remove scopes

Tick all three user info ones

save and continue like below

Before going live, we have to test the app. so add test users

Only test users can test this app before going live (which requires a verification step)

e.g. add zubair@azkytech.com, add nocodetester@gmail.com, add your email address

Everything should be good now

Back to dashboard

No need to do this now. But at some point, we'll have to publish the app.

Click credentials again

Select web

Add a key name

Then add authorised redirect URI

You should have a URL in the email.

Something like: https://patternz.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/oauth_redirect

see below

then click create

Save these two keys and share them with Zubair

Client ID and Client Secret.


ClientID : 799988133789-6c35cro62fi2uu2u8et4c39q8qjpk5k6.apps.googleusercontent.com

Client Secret: xx7x_Y_VpdBTIlS7XXHpP_H1

Share them with Zubair via email.


For internal use

These keys go here

Tick this

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