How to LinkedIn Oauth Doc

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn with your profile
  2. Head to https://www.linkedin.com/developers/
  3. Create an App

4. Fill out details

  1. After making a new app, head to Team Members section
  1. Add Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel to the team


(Note: The example shows Qaiser, a Junior consultant at AZKY)

  1. Make Zubair Lutfullah an Admin (Note, example shows Qaiser)

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“He understood what I was hoping the app would do... He was making suggestions that were super meaningful which we used. I've already recommended him...”

Ty Brown

Ty the Dog Guy

"...did a fantastic job of building an MVP for us. We originally were working on spreadsheets. We needed an MVP to demo it to customers. They did it in an amazingly short time..."

Marc Muneir

Ditch Carbon

"...team went above and beyond to be solutions oriented when partnering with us on what was essentially our first attempt at no code development..."

Jenny Cox

The Combination Rule

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