Get Staffed is an online recruitment agency based in Bedford, UK. They are a market leading online recruitment firm that aims to reduce the cost-per-hire with through effective online recruitment services.

The previous system Get Staffed used for their client portal was an off the shelf system that was dated and clunky. It got the basics right but they were unable to customize and tailor it to their needs. They had lots of ideas for improvements but were unable to realize them. They wanted to create a custom bespoke system for their clients.

We built a bespoke recruitment system tailored to the Get Staffed process & workflow.

The whole recruitment experience for Get Staffed clients is much more seamless now and they are continuing to grow the system with more features.

A few examples of what they can now do with our new system built in bubble

  • They can provided white-labelled career pages for their clients
  • Their candidate application form also supports video questions which the previous one didn't support.
  • Clients can invite fellow hiring managers with granular feature and grant specific privileges
  • Some of get-staffed clients have their own clients. This new system allows a workflow for that as well.


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James Cooper
Director @ GetStaffed Recruitment

The reason we went with Zubair is we're sort of really impressed with how quickly he grasped what we're trying to do. He's always really helpful in terms of coming up with practical solutions of how we can solve that problem and puts himself through the user experience and brings in knowledge of other projects and things he's worked on.

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“He understood what I was hoping the app would do... He was making suggestions that were super meaningful which we used. I've already recommended him...”

Ty Brown

Ty the Dog Guy

"...did a fantastic job of building an MVP for us. We originally were working on spreadsheets. We needed an MVP to demo it to customers. They did it in an amazingly short time..."

Marc Muneir

Ditch Carbon

" went above and beyond to be solutions oriented when partnering with us on what was essentially our first attempt at no code development..."

Jenny Cox

The Combination Rule

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